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The Consortium belongs to its members. It is they who determine its orientations and expertise, in relation to their needs. Team player, the Consortium always acts in complementary with its members.


Representation before government agencies

  • Administrative tribunals
  • Occupational health and safety or labour standards administrative tribunal
  • Courts of law
  • Grievance arbitration and more
  • Advice on all types of litigation in court

Labour relations

  • Collective bargaining
  • Labour relations consulting (disciplinary, termination and layoff management and more)
  • Revision and development of various policies
  • Handling of psychological harassment cases
  • Research and drafting of legal opinions
  • Representation at administrative tribunals

Analysis, revision and drafting of legal documents

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Contracts, settlements
  • Letters, agreements and other legal instruments

Drafting of legal opinions

Meeting chairmanship

Analysis of laws and regulations, legal advice and support

Meeting or Board of Directors support

  • Crisis management
  • Meeting chairmanship
  • General consulting, etc.

Investigation and analysis

  • Analysis and review of corporate governance
  • Psychological harassment investigation
  • Analysis and review of legal policies

Legal or governance training

  • Governance and good governance tools
  • Roles, obligations and responsibilities of directors
  • Relations between senior management, the Board of Directors and others


  • Corporate appraisal, recovery plan
  • Annual budget preparation
  • Budget monitoring
  • General accounting
  • Bank and investment accounts reconciliation
  • Balance sheet and income statement accounts analysis and reconciliation
  • Entry and accruals preparation
  • Month-end period and analysis
  • Monthly, quarterly and year-end financial statements
  • Reporting
  • File preparation for the auditor
  • Financial forecasts


  • Working capital analysis
  • Cost implementation
  • Investment plan analysis
  • Funding search
  • Business merger and acquisition
  • Financing package
  • Company appraisal

Recruitment and selection of personnel

  • Skill profile
  • Job marketing
  • Candidate selection tools

Training and skills development

  • Organizational training plans
  • Individualized development plans and organization and leadership of qualifying activities

Performance management

  • Employee evaluation and recognition process

Compensation management

  • Compensation policies and structures
  • Pay equity
  • Compensation survey

Labour relations

  • Collective bargaining and application
  • Disciplinary measures and absenteeism management

Work organization

  • Administrative structure review
  • Job description
  • Administrative processes review
  • Job evaluation

Change implementation, issue and significant challenge management coaching 

  • Attracting employees
  • Employee loyalty
  • New practices

Leadership of management team consolidation meetings

Leadership of mediation or reconciliation meetings

Tool design

  • Human resources management policies
  • Human resources management procedures
  • Manuals and guides
  • Safety group selection consulting
  • Safety group management
  • Occupational health and safety consulting services
  • Prevention audits
  • Representation before the Commission des normes de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) and the Tribunal administratif du travail (TAT)
  • Training on the investigation and analysis of accidents, the OHS Committee and the prevention program
  • Customized prevention programs
  • Disability claims management
  • Implementation of measures to reduce assignment of the cost of injuries
  • Public opinion evaluation
  • Political impact assessment
  • Media coverage planning
  • Press relations: conferences, press releases and media management
  • Political representation strategy
  • Implementation of plans impacting public opinion
  • Lobby and representation before decision-makers at various levels of government
  • Organization and coordination of sector meetings
  • Writing of political documents: briefs, studies and reports
  • Writing of addresses, speeches and more
  • Media scanning
Communications - Marketing

Marketing communications strategy

  • 360º marketing communications strategies
  • Creation of integrated communication tools
  • Integrated advertising campaigns

Brand development

Branding is an important tool for the management of one’s image and identity. With proper branding, a business can develop a strong personality and a unique identity that can distinguish it from its competition. We call it image branding. The idea behind branding is to create a lasting bond between a business and its client base through the creation and maintaining of a powerful image.

  • Rebranding
  • Brand image reinforcement
  • Employer brand and HR marketing strategies

Digital communication strategy

  • Digital content strategies
  • Development of relationship marketing tools (newsletter, website, emails, social networks)
  • Web writing optimized for SEO
  • Creation and management of high-performance advertising campaigns on Facebook, with targeted audiences and specific objectives
  • Web media placement
  • Google Ads account management

Web communities management

  • Management and leadership of Web communities
  • Creation of timeline and editorial policy
  • Appealing publications
  • Effective interaction with Web communities
  • Communication style and content quality consistent with the other brand platforms
  • Community management consulting services
  • Report and recommendations following statistical analysis of social networks

Graphic design

  • Design and production of visual communication elements for annual report, corporate logo, business cards, promotional flyers, posters, banners, publications, newsletters, web pages and more
  • Photo touch up and image enhancement
  • Consulting services to clients on design, graphic design and presentation
  • Coaching services for marketing teams, programmers and other professionals
  • Preparation of requests for proposals to suppliers and contract negotiation


  • Animation and motion design
  • Video editing
  • Video production
WEB DEVELOPMENT AND Information Technologies

Web development

  • Web page development and design
  • Suggested solutions to improve the client experience
  • Website analysis and suggestions for areas of improvement and upgrading
  • Counting, collection, prioritization and execution of updates on a website

Information technologies

  • Computing equipment audit
  • Administration of network components
  • Client-supplier negotiations
  • Physical, software and computer security problem-solving
  • Update and management of various servers and software services
  • Monitoring of support requests
  • Analysis of users’ needs for use
  • Adequate documentation maintenance
  • Computing inventory management
  • Recommendation and purchase of technological equipment
  • Installation and administration of wireless networks
  • Installation and administration of corporate, project or financial management software
  • Strategic advice and ideas to create your event
  • Coaching through the planning of your event
  • Event project management: turnkey
  • Event coordination; on-site D-Day
  • Location, recommendation and contract negotiation with suppliers and lessors
  • Development of communication plans, media plans and partnership plans
  • Post-event follow-up: online evaluation, survey, post-mortem and more
  • Recommendations on suppliers, speakers and masters of ceremonies

Types of events

  • Conventions, meetings, seminars, forums
  • Training, conferences
  • General meetings
  • Press conferences
  • Promotional, corporate and fundraising events
  • Galas, awards nights, sporting events
  • Team-building, strategic planning
  • And much more!
Business development

Business development

  • Strategic planning
  • Client service training
  • New market and new product development
  • Business development and networking
  • Market research

Corporate management

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Business plan production
  • Review of business practices and processes
  • Operational diagnosis
  • Redefinition of business strategies for development
  • Strategic reflection exercise
Transformation and Change management

In promoting participatory methods and building on executive coaching, the Change Management and Organizational Transformation Team uses different approaches: essential for further progress towards enterprises’ optimization, adaptation, and transformation. Thus, they will aim for greater heights and achieve new goals, while having due regard to people who are working there!

Organizational transformation

  • Digital
  • Managerial
  • Cultural
  • Structural

Internal optimization

  • Management performance
  • Process reingineering

Organizational health

  • Work environment
  • Crisis management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Counseling
  • Psychometric tests


  • Career development
  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Effective communication

Knowledge management

  • Community of practice

Group leadership and various training

  • Customized training
  • Strategic thinking


  • Project development, coordination, supervision and follow-up
  • Information management
  • Project implementation planning based on a call for tenders, description or quote
  • Implementation of project management tools: logical framework, critical path, Gantt and Scope
  • Risk mitigation plans
  • Deadline, budget and quality monitoring
  • Socioeconomic, sociocultural and sociopolitical studies
  • Business line development studies
  • Project pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

Customized process and logistics

  • Personalized approach
  • Client needs analysis
  • Consulting services for the choice of training
  • Logistics management, turnkey or collaborative
  • Coaching throughout the process

Diversified and customized training

  • Individual or in small groups
  • Directly in the company
  • In large groups
  • Virtual class
  • Webinar: synchronous or asynchronous

Varied and customizable themes

  • Human resources
  • Marketing and communication
  • Management
  • Accounting and finance
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Associative life and governance
  • And much more!

Beneficial training 

  • High-performance and easy-to-use training platform
  • Training that meets your needs
  • Qualified and professional trainers
  • Accessible and available trainers
  • Knowledge of the environment
  • Coaching through the grant program for executives

The mentorship service is offered by Réseau Mentorat’s community of mentors dedicated to cooperative and associative entrepreneurs.

For information: www.reseaum.com

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