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The Consortium belongs to its members. It is they who determine its orientations and expertise, in relation to their needs. Team player, the Consortium always acts in complementary with its members.

Legal services
  • Analyzing, revising and drafting legal documents (constitutional documents, contracts, regulations, legal agreements or acts);
  • Legal research;
  • Drafting legal opinions;
  • Counsel and telephone support;
  • Chairing meetings;
  • Representation before organizations and administrative tribunals;
  • Negotiation, mediation, and dispute arbitration;
  • Legal training.
  • Preparing annual budgets;
  • Budgetary monitoring;
  • General accounting;
  • Reconciling and analyzing bank accounts, investments, balance sheet accounts, and expense accounts;
  • Preparing paperwork and regulations;
  • Fiscal month-end and analysis;
  • Monthly, quarterly, and fiscal-year financial statements;
  • Accountability reports;
  • Preparing files for audit;
  • Financial planning.
Human Resources Management
  • Recruiting and selecting personnel: skill profiles, marketing the job, and candidate selection tools;
  • Training and skill development: analyzing needs, organizational training plans, individualized development plans, and organizing and hosting qualifying activities;
  • Managing productivity and performance: process of employee evaluation and recognition;
  • Managing compensation: salary policies and structures, pay equity, and compensation surveys;
  • Work relations: negotiation and application of collective agreements, disciplinary measures, and absenteeism management;
  • Work organization: revising administrative structures, job descriptions, administrative processes, and job evaluations;
  • Guiding through the implementation of changes, managing concerns, and important challenges like attraction, retention, and new practices;
  • Hosting team building exercises for management;
  • Hosting mediation or reconciliation meetings;
  • Tool design: policies, procedures, manuals, and guides.
Public and Government Relations – Communications
  • Evaluating public opinion;
  • Analyzing political clout;
  • Coordinating media requests;
  • Press relations: conferences, press releases, and media management;
  • Communications strategy;
  • Political representation strategy;
  • Implementing interventions that have an impact on public opinions;
  • Lobbying and representing to policymakers at different levels of government;
  • Organizing and coordinating sectional meetings;
  • Drafting political documents: memorandums, studies, and reports;
  • Drafting talks, speeches, and more;
  • Media monitoring.
Research and Development – Project Management

Research and Development – Project Management

  • Socio-economical, socio-cultural, and socio-political studies;
  • Business sector development studies;
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for projects.

Project Management

  • Developing, coordinating, supervising, and monitoring projects;
  • Information management;
  • Project planning from a call for tenders, a description, or an estimate;
  • Implementing project management tools: logical framework, critical path, Gantt and Scope;
  • Risk mitigation plans;
  • Monitoring deadlines, budgets, and quality.


Marketing and Business Development – Business Management

Marketing and business Development

  • Strategic planning;
  • Client service training;
  • Developing marketing and communication plans: strategies/action plans;
  • Developing new markets and new products;
  • Analysis and advice about the development of websites and electronic media;
  • Business development and networking;
  • Market studies.

Business Management

  • Organizational diagnostics;
  • Business plan creation;
  • Analysis of business practices and processes;
  • Operational diagnostics;
  • Redefining business strategies in order to develop them;
  • Strategic thinking exercises.
Cooperatives management
  • Training for managing cooperatives;
  • Training for community life;
  • Training and support for governance.
Event Planning
  • Planning/managing event projects: concept creation, developing and writing the project guidelines, strategic advice, research and analysis, programming development, finding speakers, presenters, trainers, and sponsors, creating and monitoring a budget, schedule, writing the script for the event;
  • Coordination: on-site presence during the event to ensure smooth proceedings;
  • Logistics: scouting, proposing locations to hold the event, agreement negotiation, renting rooms, accommodation, meals and/or cocktails, renting transportation, preparing audio-visual materials, liaising with event site managers, managing registration, advising and booking decorations and sound/lighting for the rooms;
  • Promotion: strategic advice, developing communication/media plans, following up with different media and suppliers, proposing promotional objects, designing tools and visual identity, writing press releases;
  • Partnerships: developing a visibility plan, contacting and following up with potential partners and sponsors;
  • Follow-up after the event: preparing reports, following up with participants, surveys and more.
Occupational Health and Safety
  • Advising on the choice of a prevention mutual group;
  • Managing prevention mutual groups;
  • Consultation services for occupational health and safety;
  • Prevention audits;
  • Representation at the Commission des normes de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) and the Tribunal administratif du travail (TAT);
  • Training for accident inquiries and analysis, OHS committees, prevention programs;
  • Custom prevention programs;
  • Managing disability files;
  • Implementing measures to reduce the distribution of injury costs.
Web Development
  • Developing and creating web pages;
  • Proposing programming to improve the client experience;
  • Closely monitoring technological developments and updating website content;
  • Surveying, collecting, prioritizing, and executing website updates.
Graphic Design

Graphic design

  • Creation and production of visual communication elements for annual reports, corporate logos, business cards, promotional pamphlets, posters, banners, publications, newsletters, web pages and more;
  • Retouching photos and improving images;
  • Consultation services for clients regarding design, graphic design, and presentation;
  • Providing support services to marketing teams, programmers, and other professionals;
  • Preparing submission calls for suppliers and negotiating contracts.


  • Animation and motion design;
  • Video editing;
  • Video production.
Information Technology Services
  • Resolving material, software, and digital security problems;
  • Ensuring the updating and management of different servers and software services;
  • Managing network components;
  • Following up on support requests until the issue is completely resolved;
  • Analyzing the needs of users and meeting them as required;
  • Maintaining adequate documentation and managing computer population inventories;
  • Recommending and buying technological materials at competitive prices;
  • Ensuring 24/7 surveillance of the digital network;
  • Ensuring connection between the client and the supplier;
  • Installing and managing wireless networks;
  • Installing and managing business management, project management, or financial management software;

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