Our commitments

Cooperative principles are at the heart of our commitments. For the Consortium and its employees, these commitments represent a charter of common values and a code of ethics. We all aspire to respect and apply these commitments, collectively and individually, in all of our actions.

We are professional

We have created a team of people united by their integrity, care, and the excellence of their skills. Each of our experts is committed to staying informed and continuing their training, always with the intention of expertly responding to our members’ needs.

We are innovative

We want to establish the cooperative movement as a new standard. Our direct involvement with the movement affords us a broad perspective on the best cooperative and solidarity practices. This empowers the joint actions of our experts and members to provide unique recommendations and solutions in tune with the industry.

We always strive for member satisfaction

Our members are the raison d’être of our organization. That’s why we strive to remain attentive to their needs, requests, and comments. We believe that by doing so, it is possible to create a relationship based on trust and equality that will allow us to grow even further.

We offer personalized services at a fair price

We believe it is important to offer a range of services that are fully personalized to our members’ needs. That’s why we have created a team of experts that can respond directly to member. Our members contribute fairly to our cooperative according to the user pay principle. This enables us to charge fair prices for our services.

We are united

Because we value cooperation as the driving force within our team, we are above all seeking to create direct and sustainable connections between our members. We want to bring them together in positive alliances and commitments that will benefit them, their members, their employees, and their communities.

We are socially responsible

Located in Lévis, the cradle of the cooperative movement, one of our offices is now located in the Maison de la coopération et de l’économie solidaire in the city of Québec. We have another office located in the Fondaction Québec building, known for its innovative use of wood in the construction of buildings that aims to meet the targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases as outlined by the province of Québec. In this way, we hope to ensure that our daily actions are responsible ones. On the smallest scale, whether it is our paper use, our active lifestyle, or in our choices of transportation to work, we strive to be aware of our impact on others and the renewable resources that surround us.

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