Career Opportunities

We work alongside more than ten of the most influential actors in the cooperative movement. Always evolving, they inspire us to strive to improve and make the most of development opportunities in order to learn from collective action, focus on cooperation, and promote solidarity through democracy. Adhering to these common principles, ideals, and values is what unites us and makes each of our actions a common endeavour.

Note : Our job postings are currently only available in French

Date Titre Organisation Région
2018-05-04 Comptable (CPA) Le Consortium Capitale-Nationale
2018-04-23 Conseiller(ère) juridique Le Consortium Capitale-Nationale
2018-04-22 Conseiller(ère) en santé et sécurité Le Consortium Capitale-Nationale
2018-03-29 Graphiste Le Consortium Capitale-Nationale
2018-03-21 Conseiller(ère) senior en ressources humaines Le Consortium Capitale-Nationale

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